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Our Area OAP rehearsal is on Thursday, March 30 and the contest on Friday, March 31 in Abilene.  The following students will leave after break (10:00) on Thursday and be gone for the remainder of the day and be gone all day on Friday.  They will be responsible for any work they miss.

Dusti Butler,  Kennedi Lee,  Austin Callis,  Karli Allen,  Miley Helms,  Gracie Looney,  Lyla Blodgett,  Indra Boden,  Alexis Freeman,  Emiley DeLeon,  Braxton Boden
David Lopez,  Nick Gaines-McGee,  Awbree Howard,  Jacob Parker,  Natalie Foster,  Danica Duensing,  Araceli Myers,  Kenlie Wilson,  Rylee Wilson,  Kara Staley
Holly Rodgers,  Millie Blodgett


Thank you,

Leslie Rondeau-Bishop