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Contact Information

200 W. Anderson 
Electra, Texas 76360
Telephone: (940) 432-3812
Fax: 940-257-2815

Mission Statement

We are committed to empowering each student to become a responsible, productive learner who is motivated to succeed at his or her highest potential.

Vision Statement

Providing the key to unlock the goals and dreams of every student!

EHS Goals

  • EJH/EHS students will meet or exceed the high state and federal standards
  • EJH/EHS will actively engage parents and the community in the educational process
  • EJH/EHS will ensure that technology is incorporated into all aspects of the educational process
  • EJH/EHS students will be educated in a safe and engaging classroom environment relevant to learning in a climate of mutual respect
  • EJH/EHS students will be taught by highly qualified teachers who are assisted by highly qualified paraprofessionals.


We're fighting Tigers, 
Rarin' to go,
A happy and fighting throng.
True to Electra, We'll never 
Go wrong. 
As we cheer our boys on to win. 
Rah!     Rah! 
Come on, Lets fight all together 
With all of our might 
Fight   'till the victory is won 
For we'll cheer for Electra and 
Fight for her glory 
Come on boys, 
Come on boys, 



Hail to thee, Our Alma Mater
Of Beloved Fame
For Electra We will gather
Honor to Her Name
Spirit of those heroes past
Upon us dwell today
We will glory in Electra’s
Might for Aye
Hail, Electra, Alma Mater
Love We and adore Thee
Serve we always
In Thy Pathways, Loyally

    Teacher Commitment

  • Be punctual to class and prepared to teach the day's lesson
  • Be aware of what is going on in the class room and take responsibility for what happens there
  • Use entire class period for instruction
  • Provide homework that is relevant and grade and return it in a timely manner
  • Have high expectations for myself, students, and other staff
  • Respect cultural, ethnic, and racial differences
  • Treat all students fairly
  • Respond to parental requests for information in a timely manner


Student Commitment

  • Be responsible for homework, classwork, and make-up work
  • Be responsible for being punctual to and prepared for all classes
  • Be responsible for my own behavior and choices
  • Ask for help when I need it
  • Respect myself and all others
  • Respect the property of others
  • Cooperate with teachers, administrators, and peers
  • Have high expectations for myself and my teachers
  • Comply with the rules

Parental Commitment

  • See that child is punctual and attends school regularly
  • Encourage positive attitudes about school
  • Support the school in its efforts to maintain proper discipline
  • Meet with teachers to discuss needs of child reflected by school messages and reports
  • Encourage good study habits at home
  • Monitor after-school and home activities which may interfere with progress at school
  • Be aware of what is going on with my child at home and at school

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