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Will post Electra's UIL meet results as they happen.
UIL updates:
  • Electra first in District Lincoln-Douglas debate with Joe Hatfield and second with Aerin Coats.
  • District Champion Speech Team is advancing 5 members to Regional.

UIL SPONSORS 2011-2012
Accounting                                       No team
Calculator Applications                     Leigh Segler
Computer Applicat ions                    Amber Barrera 
Current Issues and Events              Brenda Bebe
Literary Criticism                              Mary Laura Slappey
Mathematics                                    Leigh Segler
NumberSense                                  Darlene Simpson
Ready Writing                                 Mary Laura Slappey
Science                                            Darlene Simpson
Spelling and Vocabulary                  Brenda Gunter 
Informative Speaking                      Brenda Bebe
Persuasive Speaking                       Brenda Bebe
Poetry Interpretation                     Brenda Bebe
Prose Interpretation                       Brenda Bebe
One-Act Play                                  Janis Blackwell 
Lincoln Douglas Debate                  Brenda Bebe
Cross X Debate                               Brenda Bebe 
News writing                                   Robin Rich
Editorial Writing                              Robin Rich
Feature Writing                              Robin Rich
Headline Writing                             Robin Rich
Social Studies                                 Toby Williams

Computer Science (Java proggramming )
these links are examples of how the UIL meets "Computer Sceince " will be.
The meets are on paper till you get to the State level.  then it consist of paper
 and test program.

Date Time Event Location About Event


 March 20 -21 7:00 am - 4:30pm

*District meet 

MSU the events are listed above

* District meet
Students that attended the UIL District Meet 3/20/12
Nicole Thompson,  Devyn Nettles,  Tegra Shepherd,  Staci Gonzales,  Anna Holbert,  Kristen Doss,  Joe Hatfield,  Maisie Edwards,  Aerin Coats,  Alexandria Gray,  Bre’Onna Word,  Sarah Byrd,  Grant Priselac,  Cory Michner,  Shebly Cantu,  Macy Garcia,  Ruth Solorio,  Coralea Craig,  Madison McNeal,  Lindsey Odam,
Students that attended the UIL District Meet 3/21/12
Joe Hatfield,  Alexandria Gray,  Kelley Gibbs,  Aerin Coats,  Nicole Thompson,  Courtney Priselac,  Stacie McLaughlin,  Dru McClellan,  Blaze Lynn,  Pietro Weaver,  AnneMarie Delizio,  Tegra Shepherd,  Staci Gonzales,  Kristin Doss,  Alexis Montalvo,  Maisie Edwards,
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