Type in your ElectraISD email
Define Urgency
This is to better the I.T. department in categorizing issues in hopes of better time management and prioritizing time sensitize projects before lesser needed request.

I need within the class period hour (also Call Renneth or Scott's cell on this selection)
I need within 24 hours
I need within 48 hours
I will need by the following Monday morning
I need I.T. assistance on the weekend (Call Scott or Renneth's cell and state your emergency)
I will need sometime before the six weeks is over
I will need for next School Semester
I will need by the first day of school next year
Please put in your five-year project planning.
Classroom or Office Stated Problems

Need projector-Cart setup a up coming event
having trouble login to google account
need Chrome web browser installed
trouble putting event on google calendar
Email wont send/Receive
Chromebook needs charging (charger missing or not working)
a business Program stop working: like Nutrikids
Google Docs templates from websites wont copy
Need DVD software fixed\installed
WiFi is not working in my classroom
Laptop(s) or Ipad(s) connect to WiFi but then disconnects
My Gradebook login is not working
Gradebook is not showing up correctly
I am having a Skyward issue
Truetime: I need my time adjusted
Cant Login on class PC
My Office Scanner is not working
I need an network cable ran for PC
I need some content added\updated on the school website
My desktop icons are missing
Some of my documents are ghosted with a "x" beside them
Cant access some of my items in Document folder
Windows 10 keeps trying to install update
I would like my projector set to NOT display my screen:extended mode
Internet is down on you PC
Printer is asking for admin password
Printer is printing gibberish
Internet appears down for the campus
Printer needs ink
Paper JAM
Need software loaded
Printing from internet not working
Cant open Internet Adobe(PDF) files
cant save Documents
Monitor Wont Turn on
NEW error Box
Computer Virus
Java or Adobe keeps needing password for updates
No power to Computer
Mouse or Keyboard stop working
AR is not working on Student AR Computer
Printer needs installed
Projector not working
image quality on Elmo(or)Projector is bad
ELMO or Smartboard need software loaded
Class Laptop or Ipad not working
Phone is asking for password
teacher's cell phone wont connect to Wifi
teacher's cell phone ask for login info each day
visitor counter
Enter the Ticket Validation number above.
If you work at Multiple campuses,
put the campus that has the issue(s)
Student(s) name(s) if needed
Type in example: Sally Harris,Bob Dons,...and list them. Or type 8th grade..ect or type All students
LAB - Stated Problem

Cant Login anywhere
Internet is down
CHROMEBOOK cart will not connect to internet at all
Laptop or Chromebook drops internet after connected awhile
CHROMEBOOK ISSUE: only the 1st few that connect to their accounts works- all other chromebooks freeze
Java not working with CHROME browser
Dual Credit Tanberg will not connect to the professor
Student login time easily takes over 5 minutes
LAB Color Printer is printing gibberish
Printer is asking for admin password
Printer needs ink
Paper JAM
Network Printer is not printing at all
Need software loaded in lab
Printing from internet not working
Cant open Internet Adobe(PDF) files
School inappropriate website comes up: needs BLOCKED
Certain program not working in lab example:Orchard
hit "F1" to continue error at startup
mysterious unknown software has appeared on PC
Pc slower that usual
Local profile because network connection detected slow (on more than just one PC attempts)
All student cant print
Student email login fails
No one can save files to their google drive
Some cant save files
PCs are getting Windows 10 update POPUPS constantly
The Update you applied via admin rolled-back to old windows 10
LAB Black laser prints gibberish
ONE PC in lab messed up
Some BUT NOT ALL PCs acting up
New Student needs account
Student needs password reset
WiFi is not working in the LAB
AR asking for admin password for plugin update
Surveillance equipment acting up
Additional Comments

Email contact: scott.fillmore@electraisd.net if you it has been over two weeks and you have not got a response.

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