Electra News!!!

     This page is a referance to find NEW events and local news of the Electra.  Primarly the Electra ISD.
By the Electra ISD webmasters design, there will rarely be articles on this page.  This page is for search engine users.
The hope is to get internet viewers to stumble on to Electra websites, like when searching similar searches.
For people moving to the Wichita Falls area..consider Electra, TX.

Electra Hompage
  • Sporting event results will be posted to the center of the homepage in the News scroller.
  • The top will be annual news photos. The photos change after a few seconds to another event or news article.
  • The right side you will find the quicklinks:  this is the calender , parent, student,..ect NEWS
Electra ISD Athletics homepage
This page is the index to the ELECTRA SPORTS NEWS
  • This page list the sorting events for that annual school year
  • The page is referance to find all other ELectra News sports related
About Electra dropdown
  • This is found at the far top left of the header on the homepage or any other Electra news page.
  • This dropdown is a place for Electra Texas News
  • This dropdown is a place for Electra TX NEWS
  • This dropdown is a place for the town of Electra news (local news and history)


Electra header
A header is the same as in wordprocessing: It is a piece of text or data that follows each page. Electraisd's header has several other news links to each campus. For News about the local Elementary school go to the Dinsmore page. For news on the Junior high, The Junior high page and so on and so on. Consider the for Electra NEWS.
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